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Did you know?

The world's finest Cashmere is affectionately known as the King of Fibres? Similarly, the highest quality silk is warmly referred to as the Queen of Fabrics. It's perhaps not surprising then that Cashmere and Silk combined create something truly unique. Blending our whisper-soft Cashmere with sleek, robust silk makes a cool summer fabric that oozes understated elegance.

Spring Summer's Favourite Fibres

Cashmere's temperature regulating properties make it ideal for warm and winter climates, and when we add a little silk into the mix it creates a slightly cooler yarn that’s perfect for the summer months. Our Cashmere Silk pieces are incredibly soft and cloud-like with the addition of a lustrous sheen that catches and reflects the light.

Supremely lightweight Cashmere Silk packs easily for holidays in the sun and adds a touch of luxury to your travel capsule. On cooler summer days, a Cashmere Silk jumper in a vibrant shade paired with light trousers or jeans gives a vacation vibe without losing any necessary warmth.

After-dark looks deserve a little extra something to set them apart from daytime dressing. Our Cashmere Silk designs, made with a bespoke blend of Cashmere and silk, have a smooth, rich sheen that will give your evening look an elevated edge. Cashmere Silk is less likely to crease than pure Silk and has an element of structure to help your separates keep their shape.


Like the finest teas, there can be more than one perfect blend. In addition to our stunning Cashmere Silk, our Merino Wool blends offer a soft, distinctive appearance and handle.

A Touch of Silk

Our Merino Blend Square is just one example - a luxurious combination of Extra Fine Merino Wool, Cashmere and just a touch of Silk. This neat neckerchief-style scarf is the epitome of clean, crisp simplicity, with a silk-feel border to finish the look.

Discover Johnstons of Elgin
Discover Johnstons of Elgin
Discover Johnstons of Elgin
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