A Fresh Take on Scottish Craftsmanship

Feragaia Ginger Ale

Our collaboration with fellow B Corporation, Feragaia, feels like a natural one, as authentic craftsmanship, innovative thinking, and a focus on sustainability run deep within both brands. As we enter spring, the season of renewal and reawakening, we talk to Bill Garnock, founder of Feragaia, farmer and distiller, about our similarities and their fresh approach to a traditional craft.


Feragaia is a pioneering alcohol-free hand-crafted spirit inspired by provenance, taste, and people. Bill explains that Scotland’s abundance of wild flavours, both farmed and native, are central to the taste, including Fife Bay Leaf, Perthshire Blackcurrant leaf and Ardnamurchan Sugar Kelp.

‘Feragaia brings those wild flavours to your glass,’ he said. ‘Taste is something we aim to deliver the best of in every drink. Our dedicated and careful production process, whether it's hand-picking chamomile flowers or distilling flavours separately to maximise flavour extraction whilst protecting the more delicate notes and aromas, we don't cut corners when bringing this to each bottle.

Feragaia - Feb 2023 - Grant Anderson
Our team has many energetic and creative minds; how we bring the message of Feragaia to markets both locally and internationally each day is an inspiring and exciting journey.
- Bill Garnock, founder of Feragaia


Feragaia’s craftsmanship and Scottish roots echo those of Johnstons of Elgin, striving for consistent quality and focussing on community. Bill highlights further parallels in the brands’ abilities to connect people and, as B Corp brands, their commitment to protecting the local and wider environment.

Feragaia Lemon Verbina
We rely on local supply chains, whether its farmers or our packaging and every decision we make must positively impact the people and business involved along the way, he said. We are B Corp certified, and this ensures we have a proactive approach to all elements of our business. Whether it’s people or planet, Feragaia aims to have a positive impact.


Like Johnstons of Elgin, Feragaia combines heritage hand skills with innovative processes to deliver the highest quality product. For Feragaia, there is tradition in farming native botanicals and distilling with pot stills in a region steeped in history. These processes sit shoulder to shoulder with innovative distillation runs, balancing flavours, aromas and spices to deliver consistency.



We asked Bill to recommend a refreshing Feragaia cocktail that would be great for summer.

‘The Wild Mojito - Feragaia 50ml, ginger ale and ice served with fresh mint and a slice of lime. Delicious.’

Feragaia Wild Mojito
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Discover more about Feragaia, meaning Wild Earth, at Feragaia.com.