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Kindred Spirits

Celebrating our fellow creatives – talented, skilled craftspeople and artists whose ethos mirrors our own. We feel drawn to individuals and brands that share our core values - the craftsmanship, heritage, innovation and community focus that has driven our success.

19 Jul 2024

Hayley Anderson - Print Artist

As part of our Kindred Spirits series, where we collaborate with craftspeople who share our values and ethos, Hayley created a stunning exclusive linoleum print of our historic Clock Tower.

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28 Mar 2024

Keith Coghill - Furniture Designer

Sometimes, the perfect partner is closer to home than you might expect. We called upon the exceptional talent of Scottish artisan Keith Coghill to help create a unique, welcoming space at our Elgin site.

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14 Mar 2024

Wooji, Ceramic Artist & Sculptor

Large sculptures can be a challenge for even the most experienced creators, but award-winning ceramic artist Wooji takes it all in her stride, finding the creative process therapeutic. We caught up with her to chat about art, inspiration and fashion.

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07 Mar 2024

Qi Zhi, Dancer

Dancer Wang Qi Zhi is an opinion leader on China’s Red and Weibo social media platforms. At a recent shoot for Johnstons of Elgin, we asked Qi Zhi about her career, challenges and personal style.

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25 Jan 2024

Chen Chen, Premium Jewellery Designer & Blogger

Chen Chen was an auditor at a leading finance firm, but her true calling was far more creative. Following her heart, she retrained at the ArtCenter College Of Design, California, ultimately launching her premium jewellery brand DOVETAIL, which creates exquisitely crafted pieces based on a traditional Chinese carpentry construction technique.

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27 Dec 2023

Luo Wei, Pianist

Beijing-based photographer Luo Yang is best known for her intimate portraits of inspirational females, including a ten-year series, ‘Girls’, depicting women from different backgrounds in contemporary China. As part of our Kindred Spirits series, Luo Yang shot a series of creatives dedicated to their craft, with the theme ‘A Sense of Certainty’.

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20 Dec 2023

Luo Yang, Photographer

Beijing-based Luo Yang is best known for her intimate portraits of inspirational females: As part of our Kindred Spirits series, Luo Yang shot a series of creatives with the theme ‘A Sense of Certainty’. We turned the camera on Luo and asked her about her craft.

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12 Dec 2023

Maureen White - Handknit Artisan

Maureen created a very Limited Edition collection of exquisite, traditional Fairisle knits, the proceeds from which will support an essential Orkney charity, the Longhope Lifeboat Station.

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24 Mar 2023

We Are Makers

‘We Are Makers’ is an aptly straightforward title for a project that champions craftspeople preserving traditional artistry. Kate and Jack Lennie are the makers behind the makers, providing a much-needed platform for talented creatives across the globe to share their inspiring stories.

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