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Kindred Spirits

Celebrating our fellow creatives – talented, skilled craftspeople and artists whose ethos mirrors our own. We feel drawn to individuals and brands that share our core values - the craftsmanship, heritage, innovation and community focus that has driven our success.

05 Sept 2022


Working under the moniker of GarçonJon, award-winning photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce has built an extensive portfolio that goes way beyond fashion.

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26 Aug 2022

Richard Gaston

This season, we're embarking on a journey of collaboration with our Kindred Spirits – talented and skilled creatives whose ethos mirrors our own. We begin with Landscape Photographer Richard Gaston, who is as in love with the Scottish countryside as we are.

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25 Jul 2022

Sabina Savage

Artist, animal lover and Print Designer Sabina Savage is a visual storyteller whose heritage-inspired collections bring history to life in a unique and creative way. To celebrate our 225th anniversary, we collaborated with Sabina to create stunning Cashmere Stoles depicting our success at London’s Great Exhibition in 1851.

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