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Johnstons of Elgin Cashmere Sweaters in a stack of cream cable, ecru cable and beige knitwear

Our Cashmere knitwear is designed to last a lifetime, but with delicate fibres, some wear and tear is inevitable. Damaging your favourite sweater with jewellery or discovering a moth hole in your much-loved socks is disappointing, but it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your Cashmere. Our partnership with contemporary aftercare experts, Cashmere Circle, makes it easier than ever to breathe new life into your well-worn knitted clothing.


Buying clothes made from natural fibres, which will decompose at the end of their lifespan, is already a great choice for the environment. And our partnership with Cashmere Circle, offering specialist Cashmere laundry, repair and repurposing services, means you can enjoy your favourite knits for longer.

Cashmere Circle’s team of skilled artisans, many of whom have spent most of their lives working in knitting mills, utilise invisible mending techniques to repair small holes and moth damage. They can restore larger holes with a recycled Cashmere or suede patch.


Cashmere Circle’s pioneering garment washing, de-pilling and full steam service removes odours and impurities and returns Cashmere fibre to like-new condition. This is a great way to prepare your Cashmere for storage at the end of each season or to refresh your wardrobe favourites.


This full revive and repair service includes innovative cleaning, de-pilling and pressing before each hole is invisibly mended. If you suspect moth damage, more holes might be exposed as underlying moth larvae are removed during the revival process. Where possible, these holes will also be repaired.


Cashmere Circle can transform a damaged sweater by patching both sleeves with Cashmere or suede fabric. Expert menders will invisibly stitch the patch in your choice of shape and colour.

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Woodland scene of trees and a river representing Johnstons of Elgin X Cashmere Circle Cashmere Recycling Service


‘Life after Love’ is Cashmere Circle’s Cashmere recycling programme. Donate your unwanted Cashmere to be repurposed by a team of designers so that tired pieces don’t end up in landfill.

For each garment you send for recycling, a tree will be planted in Tanzania, Madagascar or Indonesia to offset carbon and help protect vulnerable ecosystems around the world.

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