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Our Story

Our rich history, coupled with our unrivalled passion for innovation, gives us a lot to talk about. Explore Our Story to learn more about our unique Scottish heritage, superb craftsmanship, and the inspiration behind our luxurious collections.

Séga Kanouté | Friends of Johnstons of Elgin

For our first instalment of Friends of Johnstons of Elgin, we sit down for a little tête-à-tête with our Parisian ami, Fashion Journalist, Séga Kanouté (more affectionally known as Abou).

Celebrating Robert Burns

It's almost that time of year again when haggis, whisky and poetry take centre stage to celebrate the life and works of Scotland's national bard. Ahead of January’s festivities, we are delighted to introduce our Burns Scarf.

Kharaatsai | Our Young Herders Programme in Mongolia

Our Young Herders programme, ‘Kharaatsai’ meaning Young Swallows, gives students a deeper understanding of their natural environment through classes on biodiversity, weather patterns, soil health and more.

The Limited Edition Crofter’s Blanket

Introducing our Limited Edition Crofter’s Blanket, celebrating locally sourced wool and the preservation of hand skills. This unique design was completed at our dedicated sewing facility, Makers Croft, using repurposed century-old Singer sewing machines originally crafted in Scotland.

Kindred Spirits

Celebrating our fellow creatives – talented, skilled craftspeople and artists whose ethos mirrors our own. We feel drawn to individuals and brands that share our core values - the craftsmanship, heritage, innovation and community focus that has driven our success.

Chen Chen, Premium Jewellery Designer & Blogger

Chen Chen was an auditor at a leading finance firm, but her true calling was far more creative. Following her heart, she retrained at the ArtCenter College Of Design, California, ultimately launching her premium jewellery brand DOVETAIL, which creates exquisitely crafted pieces based on a traditional Chinese carpentry construction technique.

Luo Wei, Pianist

Beijing-based photographer Luo Yang is best known for her intimate portraits of inspirational females, including a ten-year series, ‘Girls’, depicting women from different backgrounds in contemporary China. As part of our Kindred Spirits series, Luo Yang shot a series of creatives dedicated to their craft, with the theme ‘A Sense of Certainty’.

Luo Yang, Photographer

Beijing-based Luo Yang is best known for her intimate portraits of inspirational females: As part of our Kindred Spirits series, Luo Yang shot a series of creatives with the theme ‘A Sense of Certainty’. We turned the camera on Luo and asked her about her craft.

226 Years Young

How do you define a sense of place? Made in Scotland isn’t just the three words stitched on a label – it’s who we are and who we have been for 226 years. We are always authentic. Always rooted in nature. Always made in Scotland.

Chapter 1

A sense of place: Made in Scotland Scotland, 1797. A young man with imagination is about to make his mark. Discover Our Story.

Chapter 2

A spirit of global adventure We have worked with natural, renewable, biodegradable fibres since 1797, and our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of our brand’s values.

Chapter 3

A commitment to quality: Craftsmanship For Eddie Harrison, Scottish craftsmanship was a passion, a creative force and a channel for great artistry. Craftsmanship, he said, is in the blood.

Chapter 4

A family business: Looking after our people Behind every warp, weave and stitch of each Johnstons of Elgin product is the story of our commitment to people. In turn, the loyalty of our team has enabled us to thrive. This emotional connection has existed since our founding.