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Our Story

Our rich history, coupled with our unrivalled passion for innovation, gives us a lot to talk about. Explore Our Story to learn more about our unique Scottish heritage, superb craftsmanship, and the inspiration behind our luxurious collections.

Spring Refresh | Taking Care Of Your Cashmere

The chunky knits that kept you warm through the colder months deserve a summer siesta. While lightweight cashmere pieces will see you through all seasons, this is the ideal time to refresh and store heavier-weight jumpers and cardigans until autumn rolls around again.

Yuthanan | Friends of Johnstons of Elgin

Introducing Yuthanan, owner of Tokyo-based fashion brand Sillage; a brand born to defy conventional silhouettes in favour of crafting cool, distinctive and often oversized wardrobe staples. Yuthanan visited our Elgin mill to discover more about our products and processes.

International Women's Day 2024

This International Women’s Day, we shine a spotlight on the diverse career journeys of some of our incredible female team members. For more than a century, the global March 8th event has celebrated women’s social, economic, cultural and political achievements.

Séga Kanouté | Friends of Johnstons of Elgin

For our first instalment of Friends of Johnstons of Elgin, we sit down for a little tête-à-tête with our Parisian ami, Fashion Journalist, Séga Kanouté (more affectionally known as Abou).

Kindred Spirits

Celebrating our fellow creatives – talented, skilled craftspeople and artists whose ethos mirrors our own. We feel drawn to individuals and brands that share our core values - the craftsmanship, heritage, innovation and community focus that has driven our success.

Keith Coghill - Furniture Designer

Sometimes, the perfect partner is closer to home than you might expect. We called upon the exceptional talent of Scottish artisan Keith Coghill to help create a unique, welcoming space at our Elgin site.

Wooji, Ceramic Artist & Sculptor

Large sculptures can be a challenge for even the most experienced creators, but award-winning ceramic artist Wooji takes it all in her stride, finding the creative process therapeutic. We caught up with her to chat about art, inspiration and fashion.

Qi Zhi, Dancer

Dancer Wang Qi Zhi is an opinion leader on China’s Red and Weibo social media platforms. At a recent shoot for Johnstons of Elgin, we asked Qi Zhi about her career, challenges and personal style.

226 Years Young

How do you define a sense of place? Made in Scotland isn’t just the three words stitched on a label – it’s who we are and who we have been for 226 years. We are always authentic. Always rooted in nature. Always made in Scotland.

Chapter 1

A sense of place: Made in Scotland Scotland, 1797. A young man with imagination is about to make his mark. Discover Our Story.

Chapter 2

A spirit of global adventure We have worked with natural, renewable, biodegradable fibres since 1797, and our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of our brand’s values.

Chapter 3

A commitment to quality: Craftsmanship For Eddie Harrison, Scottish craftsmanship was a passion, a creative force and a channel for great artistry. Craftsmanship, he said, is in the blood.

Chapter 4

A family business: Looking after our people Behind every warp, weave and stitch of each Johnstons of Elgin product is the story of our commitment to people. In turn, the loyalty of our team has enabled us to thrive. This emotional connection has existed since our founding.