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Japanese model and actor Takayuki has lived in London for 3 ½ years and has developed an affection for our heritage brand. 'I studied European history, and I love older brands. We have old temples and shrines in Japan that are really beautiful, but we can't shoot there, the rules are really strict. When I work with Johnstons of Elgin, I feel like I'm observing history, and I love it,' he said. 'Good quality gives me good vibes, too. When I'm on a shoot and wear a good quality suit and a Cashmere jumper, it lifts my mood.'

Johnstons of Elgin GarçonJon Takayuki
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What, for you, makes a wardrobe staple?

In Asian countries, people wear a lot of colour and design. I prefer to wear plain black or white t-shirts and jeans, that's it. My outfit shouldn't show my character; I should be the one to do that. So, I just want to dress as simply as I can, and my character is still there.

What are your go-to pieces when the temperature drops?

In the UK summer, the daytime is hot and the evening is really cold, so I always have a light jacket with me. I'm always wearing a backpack, so I put a jumper in there, and if I feel colder, I can wear that. I can't concentrate if I'm feeling cold. In the UK, people like to drink outside, and I think, 'no, it's too cold!'.

What’s the one accessory you can’t live without?

Maybe a hat. If I'm not using hair product, I can wear a hat and feel good. Wearing a hat also maintains my body temperature in the winter. I like gloves but don't need them because I always put my hands in my pockets, so I think a hat or a scarf. My Mum always told me to keep the back of my neck warm.

How do you like to style a scarf?

I like to wear a long scarf around my neck, wrap it around twice, and then tie a knot. I taught my French friend Japanese, and he showed me the French way to tie a scarf.

If you could be anywhere in winter, where would you go?

I would like to go to Norway to see the Northern Lights or Iceland, where the scenery and landscapes are beautiful. But there, in winter, the sun goes down quickly, so maybe I'd just visit for a couple of days.

What’s the best thing about living in London in the Autumn/Winter?

British stone architecture is so different to the Japanese style, and in the autumn, when the leaves turn red and yellow, the colours are just beautiful. I like to hold a hot coffee and walk around between auditions or go back to my place, not by taking the train or the bus but by just walking around. It's beautiful. And in winter, I love mulled wine. I don't really drink alcohol, but mulled wine, yes! I like to walk around the shops and markets and find some nice mulled wine.