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A Fashion Icon

Our guest Stylist and Creative Director Jo Hambro is no stranger to the icons of our time, from stars of film and music to those of fashion and photography. To coincide with the launch of our new women's Timeless Classics collection, we asked Jo to work her styling magic on a fashion icon of a different kind - the classic twinset.

Model and TV presenter Lisa Butcher, and her daughter Olivia Donoso, perfectly illustrate the multi-generational appeal of the twinset, in images that draw inspiration from 1950s Hollywood stars such as Audrey Hepburn. To showcase our Merino Wool and fine Cashmere knitwear, Jo added floor-skimming flannel skirts, carefully selected jewellery and just the right amount of vintage glamour.

Discover Johnstons of Elgin

The original twinset began life as a go-to look for Hollywood great Grace Kelly and First Lady Jackie Kennedy, comprising a short-sleeved jumper layered with a matching round neck cardigan. Our Cashmere and Merino Wool Timeless Classics range includes this traditional combination of separates, along with roll neck jumpers, long-sleeved jumpers and camisoles, and coordinating cardigans of different shapes and necklines.

Jo believes the twinset is a wardrobe essential for every generation.

Discover Johnstons of Elgin
If I had to invest in one piece of knitwear, it would be the twinset. Anyone can wear it, from a 19-year-old to a grandmother. For me, it's a timeless classic. You can dress it up or down and really have fun with it. I would wear a twinset in the office a lot - I like to wear a sleeveless top under the cardigan. It always looks elegant.
- Jo Hambro, Guest Stylist & Creative Director
Discover Johnstons of Elgin

Our designers reworked our women’s Cashmere classic knitwear for 2020, relaxing the fit and adding length. A recent addition to the collection is our Women's Cashmere V Neck Cardigan, featuring a prominent placket finish, which also looks great layered over a coordinating jumper or camisole. These effortlessly stylish pieces exemplify our expert craftsmanship.


Jo suggests that versatility is the key to the twinset's success, looking just as good worn with jeans and a pair of wellies in the country as it does with a skirt and a brooch in the city. For a younger wearer, Jo suggests our Merino Wool Camisole and Cardigan with grey flannel pants or a mini kilt, while an A-Line flannel skirt would pair well for any age group. A pencil skirt is perhaps the most versatile partner for the twinset, teamed with heels, flats, biker boots or plimsoles, to name just a few.

Jo maintains that if you feel good about yourself and dress in a way that fits your surroundings, you won’t go far wrong.

Light has a lot to do with colours and how they look on you. To dress well, you tend to dress to suit your surroundings. For example, if you're in the countryside, you tend to dress to reflect the countryside
Discover Johnstons of Elgin


Asked what she thinks the next trends will look like, Jo explains that fashion can be fickle, but periodically goes around in a circle. ‘A lot is dictated by film and music, even if it’s a subconscious thing. Fashion is a merry-go-round. Right now, Generation Z is influenced by Kylie Jenner, Harry Styles and gender-fluid influences. I think in another 18 months everything is going to go really classic.’ At which point, our favourite Cashmere and Merino Wool twinsets will still be the ideal go-to.

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