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We are proud of our rich Scottish heritage, and all stages of our manufacturing processes continue to take place in our own mills, deep in rural Scotland. The thistle in our "wood cut" logo designed in the 1930's places that commitment to Scottish manufacturing right at the very heart of our identity.

In addition to Scotland's breathtaking beauty, there are considerable benefits to our unique location in terms of sustainability. Scotland's soft, free-flowing water is one example of those benefits. Internationally renowned for its crucial role in the making of Scottish whisky, our local water allows us to make the world's softest cashmere products while using very few chemicals compared to other countries. Our mills are located on the banks of the Rivers Lossie and Teviot, which provide us with a plentiful supply of this natural key ingredient.

Image of a wind turbine in Scottish landscape
Moray coastline showing beach, sea and gorse

Scotland also has a very high proportion of sustainable energy harvested from windfarms and hydro-electric dams. 74% of Scotland's electricity in 2018 came from sustainable sources but we want to go even further. By the end of 2019 Johnstons of Elgin will be using 100% renewable sources for our electricity. Our most recent projects include efforts to recapture energy from hot water and to reduce the temperature of the water used in our processes.

Johnstons of Elgin water recycling machine in Elgin mill

Some of the positives associated with our Scottish home are longer standing. Our Elgin mill has a history spanning three centuries and Johnstons of Elgin remains family-owned to this day. We are deeply rooted in our communities, and as a result, we act responsibly towards our environment.

Many members of those communities become our employees and providing high-quality jobs in our local areas is part of our mission. Over one hundred of our team members have been with us for over twenty years. Being part of a tight, local community means we have always tried to take care of our team. Over the years, we have continued to make our people our priority, and have recently signed up to the Living Wage Foundation's "National Living Wage".

Johnstons of Elgin employee in hand knitting department
Johnstons of Elgin hand knitting machine with hands working

Maintaining skills in our communities is a major commitment. We train more people than anyone else in the Scottish textile industry and over one hundred of our team have been through "Modern Apprenticeship" training. We are registered as a Scottish Qualifications Agency training provider, with our own trainers, assessors and verifiers helping to pass on skills from generation to generation.

We like to keep our feet on the ground. A typical textile product will be the product of many different countries, clocking up thousands of miles as companies try to achieve the lowest possible unit cost. Carrying out every process, from dyeing and blending to finishing and folding, in one location minimises the air miles of flying or shipping components all over the world. We would argue that it also gives us the best control over quality by ensuring we are in total control over exactly what goes into our products.

Discover Johnstons of Elgin

The estate tweeds we developed in the 1840's took their inspiration from the hunting estates and subtle combinations of natural colours from the landscape were merged through the yarns and woven into subtle patterns. While we still love to weave the colours of Scotland's countryside into our unique, highest quality products, we appreciate the country for more than just its picture-postcard looks. For all these reasons and more, we are delighted to say that our products are made in Scotland.

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