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What makes a journey luxurious? For some, it's all about the destination - a scenic sailing trip on an exclusive yacht or blissful relaxation in a sublime beach-front villa. For others, it's the bells and whistles of travel itself, from the comfort of the airport lounge to the exceptional service of a first-class flight. Either way, our beautifully crafted Cashmere pieces will add a touch of luxury to your holiday or work-related journey, even before your plane takes off, or your sleeper leaves the station.


We have always recognised the need for comfort during travel. Early in our history, when technologies such as trains, steamboats and cars were becoming accessible to many, we provided extra warmth for our customers. As far back as 1857, we designed a blanket known as a 'double alpaca railway wrapper' for chilly train journeys, and later, in 1910, we created the car rug.

Today, our iconic Cashmere Stole is the best of all worlds for travel, worn as a cosy scarf in a cold aeroplane cabin or wrapped around your body as a sumptuous travel wrap. Rolled up, our Cashmere Stole makes the most comfortable of pillows and can go on to add a luxurious edge to your outfit when you arrive at your destination.


Keep your toes snug on longer trips with our indulgent Cashmere Travel Socks. In addition to the elegant ribbed design, the fine Cashmere fibres will help your feet retain heat. They also feel sensational against the skin, for on-board comfort you’ll want to experience at home, too.


Whether you are travelling to a different time zone or just making your way to a meeting in another city, our Cashmere Eye Mask can help you get some sleep while travelling on a plane or a train. An eye mask will provide enough darkness to encourage you to nod off, and the soft, smooth finish of our Cashmere Eye Mask is also a delight to wear next to the skin.


Cashmere isn't just a winter fibre; it's temperature-regulating properties make it the ideal travel companion, comfortable in all climates. Another benefit is the lightweight nature of Cashmere, so your Cashmere jumper will be as easy to pack as it is to wear. This exceptional comfort shouldn't only be reserved for the cooler months; our whisper-soft Cashmere jumpers are a joy to wear next to the skin all year round. Team with shorts or light, neutral trousers for an elegant summer aesthetic. Why not try travelling in our Cashmere joggers for the full luxury experience?

Discover Johnstons of Elgin
Discover Johnstons of Elgin
A little extra care will keep your Cashmere pieces looking their best for longer. But it can be tricky to maintain your usual level of TLC while you're on the move. Our Travel Cashmere Care Set can help, including a 50ml bottle of Eco Wash for Cashmere, which will provide enough for up to three washes. The handy hessian carrier also contains a De-Pilling Comb to remove any loose fibres from your jumper, stole or scarf and one Cedar Wood Ball. Pop the ball in a drawer with your Cashmere to repel insects and moths.


However indulgent a trip away, it’s always nice to be home. Why not bring a taste of luxury living into your living room or bedroom for your return? Our stunning range of 100% Cashmere Blankets and Throws add a touch of timeless elegance and showcase our signature ripple finish. These generously sized Cashmere Throws give an aspirational edge to any living space, so you can experience five-star luxury every day.

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