Spring Refresh


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The chunky knits that kept you warm through the colder months deserve a summer siesta. While lightweight cashmere pieces will see you through all seasons, this is the ideal time to refresh and store heavier-weight jumpers and cardigans until autumn rolls around again. A little TLC will ensure delicate cashmere fibres hold their soft, supple handle year after year and protect them from their arch enemy - hungry moth larvae. For more complex care, such as repairing wear and tear, our partners at Cashmere Circle can give your favourite knitwear a spring refresh. 


Discover Johnstons of Elgin
Discover Johnstons of Elgin

Did you know that oil and dirt can break down delicate cashmere fibres? While natural materials require less frequent laundering than their man-made counterparts, your cashmere jumpers will benefit greatly from the occasional light cleanse. 

At the opposite end of the scale, harsh chemicals can damage your favourite knitwear, so we recommend gently hand washing with specialist cashmere shampoo or calling on the professionals to help.

Premium knitwear care specialists Cashmere Circle use a pioneering dry-cleaning method to refresh cashmere garments. Their team of experts will also de-pill your knitwear and steam it to remove odours and impurities. The cleaning process can reveal previously hidden moth holes, which they can also repair for you.

Cashmere Circle recommend cleaning your cashmere twice a year, and what better time to freshen up your Winter pieces than in Spring?


Cashmere Circle offer a range of garment repair services, from invisibly mending holes and moth damage to removing stubborn stains. Invisible mending is a fabric repair technique that re-weaves yarn into the fabric of a garment to seamlessly patch a hole. The yarn is often discretely taken from other parts of the garment to allow for a perfect colour match.

Cashmere Circle’s team of experts, based in the Scottish borders, can assess your treasured cashmere knits, launder and repair them, and then return them to you like new.


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Most species of moths are most active during the summer months, and you’ll find them in dark, undisturbed places. Larvae, rather than adult moths, love to attack cashmere, leaving it full of holes. Store cashmere in a cool, dry place to discourage these unwelcome guests. Use a breathable storage bag, and consider a touch of lavender or cedar to keep the moths at bay.


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If you prefer to care for your cashmere at home, try these steps before stowing away your heavy-weight pieces for the summer. 

  • The Cleansing Ritual: Avoid harsh detergents; choose a wool-specific wash such as Johnstons of Elgin X Clothes Doctor Eco Wash for Cashmere & Wool. Wash with care in tepid water. Squeezing can mis-shape your clothing, so lay your cashmere flat and lovingly press out excess water with a pristine towel.

  • The Art of the Fold: Hanging can stretch precious fibres and distort the shape of your knitwear, so opt to dry your cashmere pieces flat, then fold and store them in a cool, dry place.

  • Cedar's Aromatic Arsenal: Scatter our cedar balls among your knitwear; the natural fragrance will discourage invasion.