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SFA Sustainability Awards 2022

The SFA funds programmes in Mongolia to train communities, protect herders’ livelihoods and promote sustainability. As one of three founding members, we were proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Sustainability Awards.

The annual awards are part of the SFA’s mission to ensure the long-term viability of the cashmere sector and are designed to encourage and recognise best practice and increase the focus on sustainability, showing herders that international brands value sustainability efforts. They offer financial incentives to the best herders and herder communities.

Sustainability Awards 2022

This year’s Sustainability Awards recognised livestock farmers and cooperatives leading the way in environmentally friendly and sustainable animal husbandry and land management.

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The five categories were:

  • Best Producer Organization for Animal Welfare
  • Best Producer Organization for Land Management
  • Best Female Herder
  • Best Herder Trainer
  • Best Young Herder


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Best Producer Organization for Animal Welfare


Tumendemberel Munkhtsetseg, leader of the ‘Shine burgaltai’ Cooperative from the Khotont district of Arkhangai Province.

Tumendemberel Munkhtsetseg achieved Gold Standard in the Animal Husbandry Code of Practice evaluation. The Code of Practice relates to food, water, living environment, health, herd management, kidding and kid management, combing and shearing, handling and transport, as well as end-of-life and risk management plans.

Best Producer Organization for Land Management


Rulam Battogtokh, leader of the ‘Lusiin serchi’ Cooperative in the Nomgon district of Umnugovi Province.

Rulam Battogtokh travelled more than 150 km to meet with herders and carry out Code of Practice evaluations. His cooperative also prepared 91974.90 tonnes of raw Cashmere and achieved the highest score in the factory satisfaction survey.

Discover Johnstons of Elgin

Best Herder Trainer

The winners in this category worked with the SFA to introduce the Animal Husbandry and Rangeland Stewardship Code of Practice to herders, each training at least 100 people. They developed training methods and organisational procedures according to the location capabilities of the herders.


Navguu Purevsuren, from the Ugii-nuur district of Umnugovi Arkhangai Province.

Shatarbal Dorjgotov, from the Erdene district of Govi-Altai Province.

Tumendemberel Munkhtsesteg, from the Khotont district of Arkhangai Province.

Ochir Byambatogoo, from the Shinejinst district of Bayankhongor Province.

Best Female Herder  

This category aims to empower Mongolian pastoral women by increasing their leadership roles in SFA-registered herding cooperatives.


Batbayr Bat-Oyun, from the Tsagaan-Ovoo district of Dornod Province.

Batbayr Bat-Oyun participated in Milk and Milk Product Processing Training and now sells dairy products in the summer and autumn to support her family's income. This award also recognises her implementation of the district’s grassland management plan and sharing knowledge with neighbouring herders via the Women’s Empowerment Program.

Chamba Erdenesuvd, from the Durvuljin district of Zavkhan Province.

A member of Janchiv PUG Cooperative, Chamba Erdenesuvd prepares and supplies Cashmere at a high level – clean and dust-free.

Baatar Lkhamkhuu, also from the Durvuljin district of Zavkhan Province.

As members of the Zavkhan Buural Cooperative, Baatar Lkhamkhuu and her husband actively participate in SFA and cooperative training. Baatar Lkhamkhuu has improved livestock health and adheres to the Rangeland Stewardship Code of Practice, which ensures rangelands are managed to minimise pasture degradation and protect wildlife.

Bat-ulzii Otgonjargal, from the Nomgon district of Umnugovi Province.

Bat-ulzii Otgonjargal has been engaged in animal husbandry for 27 years and participates in the Women’s Empowerment Programme. She is a leader in preparing and supplying quality wool, leather, and meat to the cooperative.

Deldee Tuyamunkh, from the Shine jinst district of Baynkhongor Province.

Deldee Tuyamunkh’s Cashmere is of the highest quality in the cooperative, and along with raising livestock, she grows watermelons, melons, apples, and vegetables to increase her income. Her family implements and teaches the value of the SFA Code of practice.

Duudii Narantuya, from the Umnudelger district of Khentii Province.

Duudii Narantuya has been working with traditional methods of animal husbandry for 34 years, acting as an example to other herder families by implementing SFA Codes of Practice.

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Best Young Herder


Chimedzul Lkhaisuren, from the Must district of Khovd Province.

Mendbayar Khishigbayr, from the Chuluut soum of Arkhangai Province.

Algaa Chinbat, from the Ulgii district of Uvs Province.

The Best Young Herder winners were all found to implement good SFA Codes of Practice and actively support all the activities of their cooperative. They pay attention to the repair of livestock fences and prepare sufficient fodder and hay for the animals. They treat animal diseases promptly and responsibly and are prepared for drought and natural disasters.

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