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10 ways our tactile merino wool fibres make life better through the power of touch

Touch is the most diverse of all the senses. With no specific trigger point on the body, every part of us utilises touch for connection, communication, and even survival. Touch and feel are also essential to our processes, from the carefully honed skills of our fibre’s quality controllers to the sensational soft handle of our finished products. Merino Wool epitomises this - a sustainable, versatile fibre with exquisite tactility. The possibilities are endless when it comes to our magical Merino, as it is soft and cool enough to create a lightweight scarf yet robust and cosy enough for a blanket or outerwear. And – a little secret - it has a more accessible price point than many other luxury fibres too. Here are ten (touching) benefits of our year-round wonder Wool.

Johnstons of Elgin Merino camel and white scarf floating in air above model wearing a blonde cashmere sweater

1. The Light Fantastic

Even the lightest touch can have a significant impact. How often have you felt the almost invisible brush of a spider's web against your skin? Or the flicker of heat when you come too close to a flame? Our delicate Merino Wool pieces touch lightly too. The fibre's temperature-regulating quality means it keeps you as warm as you need it to - adding a featherweight pop of colour to a summer outfit or a little extra heat as the temperature drops. For Autumn Winter, we expertly blend Extra Fine Merino Wool with Cashmere to achieve textural but lightweight pieces.

Johnstons of Elgin Merino fibres

2. Lavish Layers

There was a time when wool was not only pigeon-holed as a fabric exclusively for winter, but it also carried a less-than-appealing reputation for causing the skin to itch. Merino sheep actually have incredibly fine wool (around a quarter of the thickness of a strand of human hair) with remarkable inherent elasticity. These properties help ensure our Merino Wool products feel silky smooth next to the skin. Our essential Merino Wool jumpers and cardigans are ideal worn alone or layered for additional warmth.

Johnstons of Elgin Herringbone Merino Throws stacked in a rainbow of colours

3. Heavyweight Champion

Chameleon-like Merino Wool lends itself just as easily to heavier-weight designs such as outerwear, and cosy, durable merino fibres also make the most snuggle-worthy blankets. Our Herringbone Merino Blankets add texture and interest with their two tone design. With a lofty yet smooth handle, this throw will add warmth and style to an armchair or bed.

4. Accessible Luxury

More than two centuries of experience make us experts in the world’s finest fibres, including Vicuña from the Peruvian mountains and Cashmere from China and Mongolia. These exclusive fibres carry a price tag that reflects their rarity. Merino Wool has all the soft, warm luxury of its peers with a slightly more accessible price point, so more of us can enjoy the touch of baby soft fibres next to our skin.

5. An Athletic Edge

Lightweight Merino Wool is a warm-weather hero due to its temperature regulating and moisture-wicking capabilities. Our Superfine Worsted Merino Wool T Shirt is a year-round customer favourite with an athletic edge. We can add seamless design to our Shirt's list of sensory benefits as we craft it using innovative Wholegarment Technology for the ultimate seam-free comfort.

Johnstons of Elgin Merino T-Shirt in Navy worn with white shorts on a beach

6. A Progressive Fibre

The tactile diversity of Merino Wool makes it a key player in Johnstons of Elgin's repertoire. We have spent centuries exploring new fibres, equipment and designs, and we know that embracing change brings huge benefits. Soft, Superfine Merino Wool is the perfect choice for our Relaxed Leisure pieces as the breathable nature of the fabric makes it ideal in any climate, and its inherent anti-bacterial properties mean it requires less frequent laundering than synthetic fabrics. Elasticity in the fibres means our designs are less likely to crease, and their natural hypoallergenic make-up means they are gentle on the skin. These new Merino Wool designs are an upgrade for your weekday wardrobe as well as your weekend capsule. Understated yet polished designs are too stylish to be hidden away and undoubtedly too chic just to stay indoors.

7. A Gentle Touch for the Environment

Merino Wool is very much part of a natural life cycle as merino sheep produce and shed a new fleece every year. We are committed to buying RWS certified fibre for the yarn we make, and we are working with our suppliers of other yarns to follow suit. The RWS is a voluntary global standard that addresses sheep's welfare and the land they graze on. RWS certification provides complete traceability of wool. It confirms that farms follow land management methods to protect soil health and biodiversity and practice holistic respect for the sheep's welfare.

Johnstons of Elgin Merino Cardigan in Black worn with white trousers on a beach

8. Made to Last

Everything we make is designed and crafted to last. In fact, we want our products to be loved for more than a lifetime – investment pieces that you can pass down through generations. We are meticulous in our attention to detail so that you can enjoy the super-soft handle of our Merino Wool products for many years to come.

9. Touching Real Lives

RWS certification provides complete traceability of wool. It confirms that farms follow land management methods to protect soil health and biodiversity and practice holistic respect for the sheep's welfare. When you buy RWS certified Merino Wool, you are touching the lives of the farmers, who, along with their families, work hard to ensure the welfare of their animals and land.

10. Reach out and touch, don’t just take our word for it. Whether you are shopping for a lightweight scarf or stole or a chunky blanket or coat for the winter, reach out and touch our exquisite Merino Wool fibres. You have to feel it to believe it.
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