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Our rich history, coupled with our unrivalled passion for innovation, gives us a lot to talk about. Explore Our Story to learn more about our unique Scottish heritage, superb craftsmanship, and the inspiration behind our luxurious collections.

09 May 2023

We are proudly B Corp Certified

We are incredibly proud to announce that we are now a Certified B Corporation. Following stringent assessment, we join a community of over 7,669 businesses globally working to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

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03 Apr 2023

The Coronation of King Charles III

As the nation prepares to celebrate the Coronation of HM King Charles III, we take time to reflect on his enduring connection with Scotland, and the special relationship Johnstons of Elgin has formed with His Majesty over the years.

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23 Mar 2023

What Makes our Cashmere Special?

What determines the cost of Johnstons of Elgin’s Cashmere products? From raw fibre to finished piece, we treat our Cashmere with the greatest of care. Read on discover what makes our Cashmere so special.

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03 Feb 2023

Vicuña - The Jewel in our Crown for 173 Years

The distinctive rich, caramel colour and soft, luxe handle set this natural wool apart from all others. Its rarity makes Vicuña the Rolls Royce of fibres – the jewel in our crown for almost two centuries.

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07 Dec 2022

How To Care for your Cashmere & Fine Fibres

We take care in the production of our iconic cashmere knitwear, to give our customers beautiful, luxury products that can last for more than a lifetime. With a little bit of love and care, you can enhance the life span of your Johnstons of Elgin cashmere, and it's easier than you might think.

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03 Jun 2022

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

To celebrate The Queen's platinum jubilee, we're reflecting on our royal connections. Find out more about Johnstons of Elgin's royal visits and collaborations.

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01 May 2022

Three Generations

For Mike Mathieson, the sights and sounds of the textile industry take him back to his childhood, when his mother worked at our Elgin mill.

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21 Apr 2022

Singer Sewing Machines

Do you remember the rhythmical click-clack of a manual typewriter? Or the crackle of dust under a record player’s needle? As technology gallops forward and trends chop and change, traditional equipment can be left redundant, and with it the associated skills of operation. Not true, however, of the iconic Singer sewing machine, which we are preserving with vigour in our Scottish mills.

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25 Aug 2021

Louise Roe's Cashmere & Whisky Weekend

Louise Roe recently spent the weekend enjoying the highlands and paid a visit to our mill. Find out what she learned about our craftsmanship.

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