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Our rich history, coupled with our unrivalled passion for innovation, gives us a lot to talk about. Explore Our Story to learn more about our unique Scottish heritage, superb craftsmanship, and the inspiration behind our luxurious collections.

23 May 2023

Why a Lightweight Scarf is your Year-Round Staple

Cashmere and Merino Wool have natural temperature-regulating properties, so they're the ideal year-round fabrics.

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09 May 2023

We are proudly B Corp Certified

We are incredibly proud to announce that we are now a Certified B Corporation. Following stringent assessment, we join a community of over 6,700 businesses globally working to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

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19 Apr 2023

Celebrating Hanami

Hanami is a traditional Japanese custom celebrating Sakuras’ brief bloom period each year. This practice has been part of Japanese culture for over a thousand years and typically occurs between March and April.

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23 Mar 2023

What Makes our Cashmere Special?

What determines the cost of Johnstons of Elgin’s Cashmere products? From raw fibre to finished piece, we treat our Cashmere with the greatest of care. Read on discover what makes our Cashmere so special.

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20 Mar 2023

A Gift that Lasts | Our Luxurious Children's Blankets

There are surely no better childhood memories than family picnics, sofa snuggles and building a makeshift tent indoors. Our new Children’s Blankets are perfect for each of these activities, and their playful designs and soft, cosy composition make them the ideal gift.

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13 Mar 2023

Baby's First Cashmere

Is Cashmere is suitable for babies. In fact, this incredibly fine fibre is the ideal material to place next to your little one's delicate skin.

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03 Feb 2023

Vicuña - The Jewel in our Crown for 173 Years

The distinctive rich, caramel colour and soft, luxe handle set this natural wool apart from all others. Its rarity makes Vicuña the Rolls Royce of fibres – the jewel in our crown for almost two centuries.

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30 Jan 2023

Styling A Classic

Our Design Director for Wovens, Laura Garner, met with influential Stylist Naoko Okusa on a recent visit to Tokyo. Naoko is a friend of Johnstons of Elgin and a huge fan of Scottish Cashmere. She asked Laura about her favourite seasonal accessories and compared notes on styling the classic Cashmere Stole.

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07 Dec 2022

How to care for Lambswool

We are gentle with our Lambswool fibres, from raw fibre to finished product, to help retain its softness and enhance its lifespan. However, how you treat Lambswool once it reaches your wardrobe will also impact its longevity. So how should you care for knitted and woven Lambswool Products? And how often should Lambswool be laundered?

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