10 Dec 2019

Modern Heritage

'Modern Heritage' is a term often used to describe the balance between history and innovation that exists within our business. However, what does it mean to the families behind Johnstons of Elgin? We sat down with the great-granddaughters of the company's founder and owning families to find out what Modern Heritage means to them.

11 Dec 2019

Made in Scotland

We are proud of our rich Scottish heritage, and all stages of our manufacturing processes continue to take place in our own mills, deep in rural Scotland. The thistle in our "wood cut" logo designed in the 1930's places that commitment to Scottish manufacturing right at the very heart of our identity.

11 Dec 2019

The Little Details

Exactly how many hands does it take to make a Johnstons of Elgin product? Our exquisite products may be uncomplicated to style and wear but a great deal of time and craftsmanship goes into the production of each piece.

05 May 2020

Gordon Castle

Our longest established trading relationship spans across three centuries and is based in the local community near our Elgin mill. Supporting trade locally has never been as important as it is now, and we are delighted to have supplied Estate Tweed and Tartan to Gordon Castle since the 1800s.

01 Jun 2020

Supporting NHS Charities Together

The vibrant spectrum of the rainbow inspired the optimistic ombré design of our Limited Edition Rainbow Scarf. This mood-boosting accessory is made with the softest Cashmere fibres, and for every Rainbow Scarf sold, we will donate £100 to NHS Charities Together, supporting the NHS, its employees, volunteers and patients in the UK.

08 Jun 2020

The Fabric of our Communities

We are delighted to have been able to support the hospital and primary care centres local to our Elgin mill, by supplying small batches of scrubs while they waited for NHS supplies.

07 Sept 2020

A Classic Stands the Test of Time

We were delighted to be introduced to David Evans in 2015, the inspirational and revered driving force behind the Grey Fox Blog. With a collective passion for high quality British manufacturing and craftsmanship, our relationship with him has gone from strength to strength, with David appearing in two of our London Fashion Week shows.

15 Sept 2020

The Twinset - A Fashion Icon

To celebrate the launch of our new women's Timeless Classics collection, featuring essential Cashmere and Merino Wool pieces, we asked guest Stylist and Creative Director Jo Hambro to put a spotlight on the iconic twinset. Styling model and TV presenter Lisa Butcher, and her daughter Olivia Donoso.

05 Oct 2020

Evolution of Tweed

Some styles come and go over time, revived and reimagined after periods of semi-retirement. Tweed, on the other hand, has never so much as taken a holiday, instead transitioning from a heritage and performance fabric to a fashion essential...